Thursday, September 18, 2008

Theme 322 - Portrait

Sorry for being MIA! Fall semester started so I don't get much time for myself between work and school.

I had a "Seasons" project for my design class and this is fall! :] It's my favorite out of all of them; as well as the family's. The model is my sister, Ashliegh, I did the make-up, hair, photo (obviously haha), and photoshop work - yes, I photoshoped this, and quite a bit too! >_<> This was also the very first time I've EVER done portraits, let alone someone else's hair and make-up, so I'm quite pleased with this.

I've learned a lot from doing this project and it also helped me realize where I might want to go with photography. :]

EDIT: I missed 2 out of the 3 classes for for design due to being very sickly! So I basically did this project off of the information he gave us the first day of class. We had out critique last night and I found out then that the project was supposed to be COMPLETELY ABSTRACT!! Total bummer!! Everyone loved the portraits and completely backed me up considering how much work/time I put into it and for even having a project when I've been sick. I'll find out what grade I get, despite the fact that it wasn't abstract, next wednesday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Theme 354 - Beach

This is LBI! The waves were wicked nice that day (Not all that great for surfing though but definitely threw you around in the water) We went for labor day (which actually resulted into getting my car impounded, but thats another story. :[ ). There were a lot of jelly fish too, Mark got stung by one. I'm going to miss LBI and Seaside once we move. :(

Theme 153 - Footprint

At LBI again, these are the foot prints of a baby seagull who would run to to the ocean eat food and run away from the water when it came towards him and then run back towards the ocean. He was cute and fun to watch.

Theme 137 - Childhood

This probably isn't the best photo I could have taken; the sun was way to harsh and it was a quick point and shoot shot. I didn't want the kids parents to think I was some crazy girl for taking pictures of her kids, so this was the only shot I got. Anyway I thought they were adorable kids and decided I had to share with everyone. Hopefully they bring back memories of your childhood or your kids childhood. :] This was taken at LBI (Long Beach Island) I lowered the saturation quite a bit and messed with the the contrast and brightness.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Theme 310 - Camera

This was Thomas Plant's camera and it's case. He's the man who had the Castle in the Sky built and once owned it. It was made in the U.S.A. by Eastman Kodak! I'm pretty happy I got a picture of this because it was in a closet room that we weren't allowed to enter and I stepped in to grab a picture before one of the "security" people came walking by.

Heres another photo of the camera:

Theme 172 - Black & White

The same pink car from my previous car post. I really love how it turned out in black and white, probably more so in color. I was kinda torn with these car photos in either putting them in retro or vintage or (obviously) car.

Heres the same picture in color:

Theme 246 - Swing

This is a swing that looks like a horse at the Castle in the Clouds. Behind it was the horse stable which has now been turned into a restaurant.